I want a simple server GUI VNC system. Sadly most the instructions on the net do not seem to meet my needs.

  • Install a GUI
    • A light desktop system, e.g. xfce
    • The x11 windows manager system
    • A display manager, optional
    • sudo apt install –no-install-recommends xfce4 xserver-xorg, xfce-goodies is an option package

After setting up a basic Debian server I do the following.

Old, tl;dr;

  • Synaptic package manager - a graphical package manager; package: synaptic (To use: gksudo synaptic &, will only work with root privileges.)
  • Virtual machine manager - a graphical virtual machine manager; package: virt-manager
  • XnView - a photo display manipulation program
  • Byobu - a fancy terminal; package byobu
  • Gnome file manager; package: nautilus. (CLI: gksudo nautilus &, but be very careful if using in root…)
  • Gnome disk utility; package: gnome-disk-utility. (CLI: gksudo gnome-disk &, but be care if using in root…)
  • Gnome disk usage utility; package: boabab. (CLI: boabab &)

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