Docker init Systems

There are a number of init systems used on docker containers, many are the defaults that ship with the standard Linux distributions, e.g. systemd which is particularly popular on the larger comprehensive distributions.

When creating my own imaged I have generally is the S6-RC init system, most if not all have been built on the latest Apline Linux as base image. Some examples:

I have also used supervisord system where it was simple to follow the formula from the image supplier to add functionality. Some examples:

There are other init systems out there that I have not looked into, including a number of legacy init systems that are no longer supported.

I decided to build this container image based upon Alpine Linux using the S6 init system. The is the S6 authors web site and main repository. S6 seems to be one of the most performant small init systems available, however it is not very easy to use. I could really use a front-end to help with the management.

S6 Service directories

Basic S6 commands:


It seems that the authors source pages are often down or otherwise slow and reliable. An alternative mirror is [|]]

Other Supervisor software discussions:

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