You can define your own custom shortcuts. Go to Settings > Window Manager > Keyboard (tab).

These are the XFCE Windows Manager Keyboard on 2023-09-25, these are the default settings:

Windows operation menuAlt+Space
Cycle windowsAlt+Tab
Cycle windows (Reverse)Shift+Alt+Tab
Switch window for same applicationSuper+Tab
Switch applicationnot assigned
Close windowAlt+F4
Maximise window horizontallynot assigned
Maximise window verticallynot assigned
Maximise windowAlt+F10
Hide WindowAlt+F9
Move WindowAlt+F7
Resize windowAlt+F8
Shade windownot assigned
Stick windowAlt+F6
Raise windowShift+Alt+Page Up
Lower windowShift+Alt+Page Down
Raise or Lower Windownot assigned
Fill windownot assigned
Fill window horizontallynot assigned
Fill window verticallynot assigned
Toggle aboveAlt+F12
Toggle FullscreenAlt+F11
Move window to lower monitornot assigned
Move window to left monitornot assigned
Move window to right monitornot assigned
Move window to upper monitornot assigned
Move window to upper workspacenot assigned
Move window to bottom workspacenot assigned
Move window to left workspacenot assigned
Move window to right workspacenot assigned
Move window to previous workspaceCtrl+Alt+Home
Move window to next workspaceCtrl+Alt+End
Move window to workspace 1Ctrl+Alt+KP 1
Move window to workspace 2Ctrl+Alt+KP 2
Move window to workspace 3Ctrl+Alt+KP 3
Move window to workspace 4Ctrl+Alt+KP 4
Move window to workspace 5Ctrl+Alt+KP 5
Move window to workspace 6Ctrl+Alt+KP 6
Move window to workspace 7Ctrl+Alt+KP 7
Move window to workspace 8Ctrl+Alt+KP 8
Move window to workspace 9Ctrl+Alt+KP 9
Move window to workspace 10not assigned
Move window to workspace 11not assigned
Move window to workspace 12not assigned
Tile window to theSuper+Down (keypad)
Tile window to theSuper+Up (keypad)
Tile window to theSuper+Left (keypad)
Tile window to theSuper+Right (keypad)
Tile window to theSuper+Home (keypad)
Tile window to theSuper+Page Up (keypad)
Tile window to theSuper+End (keypad)
Tile window to theSuper+Next (keypad)
Show desktopCtrl+Alt+D
Upper workspaceCtrl+Alt+Up
Bottom workspaceCtrl+Alt+Down
Left workspaceCtrl+Alt+Left
Right workspaceCtrl+Alt+Right
Previous workspacenot assigned
Next workspacenot assigned
Workspace 1Ctrl+F1
Workspace 2Ctrl+F2
Workspace 3Ctrl+F3
Workspace 4Ctrl+F4
Workspace 5Ctrl+F5
Workspace 6Ctrl+F6
Workspace 7Ctrl+F7
Workspace 8Ctrl+F8
Workspace 9Ctrl+F9
Workspace 10Ctrl+F10
Workspace 11Ctrl+F11
Workspace 12Ctrl+F12
Add WorkspaceAlt+Insert
Add adjacent workspacenot assigned
Delete last workspaceAlt+Delete
Delete active workspacenot assigned


  • Super key is an alternative and older name for what is commonly labelled as the Windows key or Command key on modern keyboards, typically bound and handled as such by Linux and BSD operating systems and software today. {Taken from wikipedia Super key (keyboard button)}
  • Stick window makes a window visible in all workspaces
  • KP = keypad

Virtual Terminal 1Ctrl+Alt+F1
Virtual Terminal 2Ctrl+Alt+F2
Virtual Terminal 3Ctrl+Alt+F3
Virtual Terminal 4Ctrl+Alt+F4
Virtual Terminal 5Ctrl+Alt+F5
Virtual Terminal 6Ctrl+Alt+F6
Virtual Terminal 7 GUICtrl+Alt+F7

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