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man journald.conf manual page for journald.conf
man journalctl manual page for journalctl

Edit sudo vim /etc/systemd/journald.conf make variable Storage=persistent to make journald store the journal files in /var/log/journal, this will create directory if necessary. This also ensure log files are available from previous boots.

sudo systemctl force-reload systemd-journald to reload journald or restart instead sudo journalctl -u systemd-journald to check status of journal.

some useful flag and inputs:

  • sudo journalctl -b to see current boot journal only use -b -1 to see last boot entries.
  • journalctl –list-boots to list all available journaled boots.
  • sudo journalctl -u pppoe, use u flag to see specified unit files only.
  • sudo journalctl -k to see kernel messages only
  • sudo journalctl -p 3 to see only specified error priority messages and more severe.
    • 0: emerg
    • 1: alert
    • 2: crit
    • 3: err
    • 4: warning
    • 5: notice
    • 6: info
    • 7: debug
  • -r flag is used to show in reverse chronological order.

some links:
Use journalctl to View Your System's Logs

timedatectl to print current time date on cli
Date to print basic time date only on cli
timedatectl list-timezones to set available time zones
sudo timedatectl set-timezone australia/perth to set timezone

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