dokuwiki setup notes

Back-ups placed here: '/media/disk1/KarlData/Karl Data 2/dokuwiki_backups/' and named KPtreeWiki-backup_yyyy-mm-dd.

e.g. sudo tar zcpfv '/media/disk1/KarlData/Karl Data 2/dokuwiki_backups/KptreeWiki-backup_20220710.tar.gz' /home/shared/www/dokuwiki this backs up the entire directory.

Maintenance and Automatic cleanup script has bash script to remove old files on the wikiserver.

To run the script sudo Myscripts/ /home/shared/www/dokuwiki/data 300

The master public dns needs to be setup to point to the appropriate ip addresses for

The ipv4 points to a common public ipv4 address and uses proxies to redirect to correct VMs, so all subdomains have same public address.

Each sub-domain can have an individual public ipv6 address if required and proxies are not required for ipv6.

I have been using Godaddy for my domain name provider. I have not been that happy with Godaddy for a number of reasons, however these reasons have not been sufficient to get me to move to another provider.

The local dns points to the local lan address that assists with hairpin nat on ipv4. Not necessary on ipv6 as assigned a global ipv6 address and nat not used. This means adjusting bind9 settings.

See the router specific set-up information sample_nftables_configuration.


  • The ipv4 address for specific ports need to have nat(network address translation) setup and forwarding setup.
  • The ipv6 address as it is public only needs forwarding setup.

I like the setup in, specifically Creating a TLS encryption key and certificate. The nuance here is the need to first setup the VM and apache2, then bring it online. Once online the certificate can then be requested. After this the setup of the wiki (or other) VM apache server can be completed. When migrating the old server needs to be shutdown and is effectively disabled.

The /etc/apache2/ports.conf is the standard configuration allowing all ip address access to port 80 and if ssl_module port 443. No change required

As can be seen from the apache2 site setup files all the wiki html setup files are at the document root /mnt/shared/www/dokuwiki.

tl;dr; Setup of apache2/sites

This only is required for the ipv4 shared public address as the ip6 public address is unique for the wiki sub-domain.

This is the part of the main domain apache2 configuration files, tl;dr;:

Basically the required file permissions are as noted in Dokuwiki Installation instructions, Upgrading Dokuwiki, and Setting up file permissions.

sudo chown www-data:www-data -R /home/shared/www/dokuwiki will make all the docuwiki files user and group owned by www-data that seems to simply function.

syntax plugins

admin plugins

action plugins

render plugins

helper plugins

Many of the plug-ins include a named section in the the dokuWiki admin page / Configuration Settings.

The plug-in specific usage, configuration and settings documentation can be usually be found on the plug-in documentation page.

  • ACL Manager - Manage Page Access Control Lists - by Andreas Gohr
  • Plain Auth Plugin - Provides user authentication against DokuWiki's local password storage - by Andreas Gohr
  • Configuration Manager - Manage Dokuwiki's Configuration Settings - by Christopher Smith
  • Extension Manager - Allows managing and installing plugins and templates - by Michael Hamann
  • User Manager - Manage DokuWiki user accounts - by Chris Smith

These are not not plugins per-say, as they can be neither disabled nor uninstalled.

Document Link Name Short Description Status
Active Directory Auth Plugin Provides user authentication against a Microsoft Active Directory Disabled
LDAP Auth Plugin Provides user authentication against an LDAP server Disabled
MySQL Authentication Plugin This backend uses a MySQL Database to store user data and passwords. Disabled
authpdo plugin Authenticate against a database via PDO Disabled
PostgreSQL Authentication Plugin This backend uses a PostgreSQL Database to store user data and passwords. Disabled
CAPTCHA Plugin Use a CAPTCHA challenge to protect DokuWiki against automated spam Enabled*
cleanup Plugin Perform file cleanup in the wiki Enabled*
EditTable plugin Provide a custom editor for tables Enabled*
Info Plugin Displays information about various DokuWiki internals Enabled
Login/Logout logging plugin Log logins, logouts and admin activity to a file Enabled*
logviewer plugin View DokuWiki logs Enabled*
Navigation Plugin Build a navigation menu from a list Enabled*
Popularity Feedback Plugin Send anonymous data about your wiki to the DokuWiki developers Enabled*
Revert Manager Allows you to mass revert recent edits to remove Spam or vandalism Enabled*
safefnrecode plugin Changes existing page and foldernames for the change in the safe filename encoding Enabled*
Searchindex Manager Use to rebuild the index used by the fulltext search. Required if index messed up. Enabled*
sqlite plugin A helper plugin to easily access a SQLite database Disabled*
struct plugin Add and query additional structured page data Disabled*
styling plugin Allows to edit style.ini replacements Enabled
DokuWiki Upgrade Plugin Automatically upgrade your DokuWiki install to the most recent stable release Enabled*

* Not system installed

Document Link Name Short Description Author Status
AcMenu Plugin An accordion menu for namespaces and relative pages by Torpedo Enabled
Bootstrap Wrapper Plugin Bootstrap Wrapper for DokuWiki by Giuseppe Di Terlizzi Enabled
Cloud Plugin Displays the most used words in a word cloud by Michael Hamann, Michael Klier, Gina Haeussge Enabled
color syntax plugin Write colored text in DokuWiki by Harald Hanche-Olsen Enabled
DocNavigation plugin Add navigation for documentation by Gerrit Uitslag Enabled
DataTables Plugin Add DataTables support to DokuWiki by Giuseppe Di Terlizzi Enabled
folded plugin Foldable page sections by Michael Hamann, Fabian van-de-l_Isle, Christopher Smith, Esther Brunner Enabled
include plugin Functions to include another page in a wiki page by Michael Hamann, Gina Häussge, Christopher Smith, Michael Klier, Esther Brunner Enabled
Markdown Page plugin Show Markdown block as Dokuwiki content by mizunashi_mana Enabled
markdowku plugin Integrates Markdown into DokuWiki syntax by Julian Fagir, Raphael Wimmer (maintainer) Disabled1
Move plugin Functions to include another page in a wiki page by Michael Hamann, Gary Owen, Arno Puschmann, Christoph Jähnigen Enabled
nspages plugin Presents a toc of the selected namespace using nspages by Guillaume Turri Enabled
Pagelist Plugin Lists pages in a nice formatted way by Matthias Schulte, Michael Hamann, Michael Klier, Gina Haeussge Enabled
tab plugin Special syntax for tabs by Juergen Schuemmer Enabled
Table Width plugin Allows to specify width of table columns by Mykola Ostrovskyy Enabled
Tag Plugin tag wiki pages by Michael Hamann, Gina Häussge, Christopher Smith, Michael Klier, Esther Brunner Enabled
Typography Enable typesetting capabilities with CSS font properties such as font face, size, weight, and color of text plugin by Satoshi Sahara Enabled
Wrap Plugin Universal plugin which combines functionalities of many other plugins. Wrap wiki text inside containers (divs or spans) and give them a class (choose from a variety of preset classes), a width and/or a language with its associated text direction by Anika Henke Enabled


  1. The markdowku Plugin does automatic inline markdown intepretation and display. Seems a bit buggy and affects regular dokuwiki syntax. I prefer to use the declared markdown option given by the Markdown Page Plugin.
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