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Router Miscellaneous @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router monitor links darkstat glances ntopng iftop nethogs}} ======Router Miscellaneous====== ======Monitoring====== There... ion as good or better than expected in a packaged router. Another reference: [[ rogram suite simply uses too many resources on my router which loads it up close to 100%. There are often
NFTables Configuration @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router NFtables firewall}} =====NFTables Configuration===== The best reference for nftables i...|nftables router]]. The reference at stosb is good, but not for a router [[ lot of experimenting the following is my NFTables router configuration file. Create the following file cal
Debian / Ubuntu Network Setup @linux_router
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{{tag>linux Debian Ubuntu router network netplan interface vlan ipv6 ip}} ======Debian / Ubuntu Network Se... he units 4 main port will be setup to look like a router with 1 WAN port and 3 LAN port. The WAN port will... age access. As the modem is using the router would assign the next address, **To access the router modem webpage the router firewall must also be ap
Linux Router Setup Notes - Index @linux_router
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======Linux Router Setup Notes - Index====== <pagelist&header> *[[linux_router:start]] *[[linux_router:background]] *[[linux_router:hardware]] *[[linux_router:ubuntu]] *[[linux_router:network]] *[[linux_route
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*[[tech_notes:docker-compose]] ++++ ++++Linux Router Setup - Index| *[[linux_router:start]] *[[linux_router:background]] *[[linux_router:hardware]] *[[linux_router:ubuntu]] *[[linux_router:network]] *[[lin
DHCP / DNS Setup @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router dns dhcp bind ip ipv6 radvd}} ======DHCP / DNS Setup====== A couple of interesting res... IND9 and ISC-DHCP]] and Kill-9 Ubuntu 16.04 based Router [[|Part 2 - DHCP]] and [[|Part 5 - DNS]]. Another reference is
Router Hardware @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router hardware}} =====Router Hardware===== I looked at the various options for the router hardware: *A small ARM based machine, e.g. Rasp... ch better option than earlier versions for a home router. Still has the complexity of only native 1 NIC, b
Linux Router Background @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router}} =====Linux Router Background===== I have had the router hardware for over 5 years now, as of August 2021. It took me nearly 18 months to set up as primary home router on bare metal, with DNS and DHCP. I got Wireguard
ISP PPPoE Network Setup @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router pppoe pppoed ISP mtu dns dhcp}} =====ISP PPPoE Network Setup===== A reasonably compreh... showthread.php?t=2341699|Setup Ubuntu Server as a router using a PPPoE connection]], [[https://samuel.kado... tps://|Connecting to NBN HFC with a linux router] Internode router set up notes]] * [[
NFTables IP Control @linux_router
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ip saddr @controllist counter drop </code> ++++Router NFtable Setup - with named set IP filtering| <cod... p1 define modem = eno1 define lan = br0 define router_ip4 = define http_server = 192.168.1... http_server tcp dport {http, https} counter snat $router_ip4 ip saddr ip daddr $ma... t {http, https, pop3s, imaps, smtp} counter snat $router_ip4 oifname $wan counter masqu
Router Basic Debian / Ubuntu Server Setup @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router setup debian ubuntu snap snaps}} ======Router Basic Debian / Ubuntu Server Setup====== =====Debian===== ... storage to the Ubuntu ISO file and started up the Router. The Ubuntu software loads up of the ISO across t... se LAN port 2, as I want to use LAN port 1 as the Router WAN port. *I do not encrypt the home directory.
ISP IPoE DHCP Setup Notes @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router bridged modem ISP IPoE mtu dns dhcp}} =====ISP IPoE DHCP Setup Notes===== Notes on Setting up a Linux router for IPoE DHCP instead of PPPoE. After a few year... e successful use of bridged VDSL modem with Linux Router running pppoe and nftables my ISP informed me tha... and it worked straight way. When I tried my Linux router with bridge modem it no longer worked, until I re
Basic Netfilter Function Block Diagram @linux_router
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bles, will probably take a long time.\\ {{:linux_router:linux_netfilter.png?600|}} <code> The following i... ) functions, which are the basic requirements for router. Incoming Packets | ... | Network Processes | | Forward | | within Router | | Rules | |-------------------| ... method is that it probably uses an existing modem router that sets the MTU, and it is possible that this s
IPTables Configuration @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router firewall IPTables}} =====IPTables Configuration===== I went down the route of attempti... e network may not start-up. This is desirable, as router connectivity is dangerous without firewall in pla... ose information, add ''-v''. ---- *<- linux_router:nftables_control|Prev page ^ linux_router:start|Start page ^ linux_router:DNS_DHCP|Next page ->
TC - Traffic Control @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router TC Traffic Control}} ======TC - Traffic Control====== The Linux kernel's network stack ... ved on a LAN by dropping packets that arrive at a router before they get forwarded. There are more relevan... ntrol]], good basic description. ---- <- linux_router:dns_dhcp|Prev page ^ linux_router:start|Start page ^ linux_router:misc|Next page ->
Home Server Notes @home_server:home_server_setup
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dokuwiki setup notes
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KPTree - Email Server Setup @home_server
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IPv6 Setup Notes @linux_router
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Network Setup @home_server:home_server_setup
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Web Server setup @home_server
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tmux @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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Webmin @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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