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Router Miscellaneous @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router monitor links darkstat glances ntopng iftop nethogs}} ======Router Miscellaneous====== ======Monitoring====== There... ion as good or better than expected in a packaged router. Another reference: [[ December 2023. I ran in a Docker container on my Router, although markedly improved since trying a few ye
NFTables Configuration @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router NFtables firewall}} =====NFTables Configuration===== The best reference for nftables is...|nftables router]]. The reference at stosb is good, but not for a router [[ lot of experimenting the following is my NFTables router configuration file. Create the following file cal
Debian / Ubuntu Network Setup @linux_router
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{{tag>linux Debian Ubuntu router network netplan interface vlan ipv6 ip}} ======Debian / Ubuntu Network Se... he units 4 main port will be setup to look like a router with 1 WAN port and 3 LAN port. The WAN port will... age access. As the modem is using the router would assign the next address, **To access the router modem webpage the router firewall must also be ap
Linux Router Background @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router 4G LTE mobile}} =====Linux Router Background===== I have had the router hardware for about 7 years now, as of June 2023. It took me nearly 18 months to set up as primary home router on bare metal, with DNS and DHCP. I got Wireguard
DHCP / DNS Setup @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router dns dhcp bind ip ipv6 radvd host dig nslookup}} ======DHCP / DNS Setup====== =====Outd... orked reliably well, when ever I shutdown the the router with DNS/DHCP servers my LAN would stop working. ... archive (tl;dr; roll-up) eventually. Actually my router that I was running these services was totally los... nger readily available, Kill-9 Ubuntu 16.04 based Router, Part 2 - DHCP| does not seem to be saved on [[ht
Linux Router Setup Notes - Index @linux_router
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======Linux Router Setup Notes - Index====== <pagelist&header> *[[linux_router:start]] *[[linux_router:background]] *[[linux_router:hardware]] *[[linux_router:ubuntu]] *[[linux_router:network]] *[[linux_route
Router Hardware @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router hardware}} =====Router Hardware===== (Jan 2023) For my router, including DNS (BIND9) and DHCP (ISC DHCP) I am using a Supermicro... n hand. I also took the opportunity to change the router from Ubuntu to Debian at this time. The N3700 CPU
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*[[docker_notes:nginx-php-notes]] ++++ ++++Linux Router Setup| *[[linux_router:start]] *[[linux_router:background]] *[[linux_router:hardware]] *[[linux_router:ubuntu]] *[[linux_router:network]] *[[lin
Router Configuration & Server Setup @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router "router configuration" setup debian ubuntu snap snaps}} ======Router Configuration & Server Setup====== =====Router Configuration===== <fc #ff0000>[DRAFT]</fc> A router perf
Router VM @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router VM}} ======Router VM====== I have just decided to play with installing VM (virtual machines) on my Router hardware (2023-01). I have been reluctant to do ... mber of reasons. My separate listing for [[linux_router:hardware]]. Basically the machine is a bit old s
ISP PPPoE Network Setup @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router pppoe pppoed ISP mtu dns dhcp}} =====ISP PPPoE Network Setup===== A reasonably compreh... showthread.php?t=2341699|Setup Ubuntu Server as a router using a PPPoE connection]], [[https://samuel.kado... tps://|Connecting to NBN HFC with a linux router] Internode router set up notes]] * [[
TC - Traffic Control @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router TC Traffic Control}} ======TC - Traffic Control====== The Linux kernel's network stack ... ved on a LAN by dropping packets that arrive at a router before they get forwarded. There are more relevan...|Linux Home Router Traffic Shaping With FQ_CoDel]] *[[https://www.b1c1l
Basic Netfilter Function Block Diagram @linux_router
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{{tag>linux router mtu netfilter }} =====Basic Netfilter Function Block Diagram===== Both NFTables and IP... bles, will probably take a long time.\\ {{:linux_router:linux_netfilter.png?600|}} <code> The following i... ) functions, which are the basic requirements for router. Incoming Packets | ... | Network Processes | | Forward | | within Router | | Rules | |-------------------|
NFTables IP Control @linux_router
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ip saddr @controllist counter drop </code> ++++Router NFtable Setup - with named set IP filtering| <cod... p1 define modem = eno1 define lan = br0 define router_ip4 = define http_server = 192.168.1... http_server tcp dport {http, https} counter snat $router_ip4 ip saddr ip daddr $ma... t {http, https, pop3s, imaps, smtp} counter snat $router_ip4 oifname $wan counter masqu
Reverse Proxy Server @docker_notes
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config.yml</code> I have broken down the Traefik router dynamic configuration file, My config.yml into 2 ... figuration files. One for the http/https specific router configuration and the other for the tcp router configuration, I do not use any UDP router configurations to date. I placed these files in the sub-direct
Docker Host @docker_notes
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ISP IPoE DHCP Setup Notes @linux_router
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Docker @docker_notes
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Docker - DNS Server @docker_notes
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IPTables Configuration @linux_router
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IPv6 Setup Notes @linux_router
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dokuwiki setup notes @home_server
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KPTree - Email Server Setup @home_server
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Docker - DHCP Server @docker_notes
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Docker mailserver @docker_notes
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Nextcloud Container @docker_notes
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turn server @docker_notes
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Network Setup @home_server:home_server_setup
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Home Server Notes @home_server:home_server_setup
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Docker Deluge Image / Service @docker_notes
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