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NFTables Configuration @linux_router
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routing.</color>\\ <tab6><color blue> # open ports refers to ports to open for input to this machine.</color>\\ <tab6><color blue> # ssh is port 22 for... ocol.</color>\\ <tab6>\\ <tab6> set tcp_open_ports { ++ | \\ + <color #202000/#F0F0E0> This creates ... <tab6> }\\ <tab6> \\ <tab6> set udp_open_ports { ++ | \\ + <color #202000/#F0F0E0> This creates
Router Miscellaneous @linux_router
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-ipad/|VPN from your iPhone]] ---- =====Reserved Ports and IPv4 Reserved Addresses===== It took me some... hat nft uses the /etc/services database for named ports definition. Some ports of interest: <code> Name Port Protocols Description ftp-data 20 {... red_hat_enterprise_linux/4/html/security_guide/ch-ports|Appendix C. Common Ports]] * [[https://linuxhan
NFTables IP Control @linux_router
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e forward and nat chains refer to routing. # open ports refers to ports to open for input to this machine. # ssh is port 22 for SSH on both TCP and UDP, but we ... e are not using yet. # set tcp_open_ports { # type inet_service; flags interval; # ... # https # } # set udp_open_ports { # type inet_service; flags interval; #
Router VM @linux_router
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* Network configuration (of 4 x 1 GB/s ethernet ports) * Access to public internet modem, via 1 Eth... bridge network setup on the remaining 3 Ethernet ports as a LAN (Local Area Network). The bridge network... allows connections of multiple physical Ethernet ports to a bridge interface device, with the bridge eff... ng as a network switch for the connected physical ports. (On my home server I have 4 x 1GB/s Ethernet po
Network Setup @home_server:home_server_setup
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n MAC auto br0 iface br0 inet dhcp bridge_ports eth0 bridge_fd 9 bridge_hello 2 ... ay dns-nameservers bridge_ports bond0 eth2 eth3 bridge_stp off bridge_fd 9 bridge... s with 2.5Gb/s standard. I original purchased a 5 ports 2.5Gb/s switch, but upgraded to an 8 port version... d to the 2.5Gb/s switch too with 2.5Gb/s Ethernet ports and have 4 x 4 Gb/s ports downstream. Last year
Docker mailserver @docker_notes
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hensive standard!//</fc> * Distribution List of Ports (information only) * <fc #ff00ff>Gentoo</fc> ... 9000. Additional servers can be setup using other ports. This allows servers per app and different server... - roundcubedb networks: proxy: ports: - 9000:9000 volumes: - ./.config... rt: unless-stopped networks: proxy: ports: - 5432:5432 volumes: - ./.config
Debian / Ubuntu Network Setup @linux_router
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. The WAN port will be setup on NIC1 with the LAN ports 1-3 will be on bridged NIC2-4. Ensure the bridge... net auto br0 iface br0 inet static bridge_ports eno2 eno3 eno4 address dns... ing 3 NICs are setup in bridge mode as router LAN ports. When setup in bridge mode the 3 ports effectively act as a switch with any able to access the router LA
KPTree - Email Server Setup @home_server
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ffic to the local VM IP address for the nominated ports. *I never open VM SSH access ports to the Internet..... *The Internet ports are only redirected later in the build, when necessary for
Docker @docker_notes
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RPORT IMAGE'' | Start a new container with mapped ports| |''docker run -P IMAGE'' | Start a new container and map all ports| |''docker run -d IMAGE'' | Start a new container
Calibre @docker_notes
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/KarlData/Karl Data 2/Calibre_library:/config ports: - 8088:8080 - 8089:8081 restart:... 1/KarlData/Karl Data 2/Calibre_library:/books ports: - 8087:8083 restart: unless-stopped
Nextcloud Container @docker_notes
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web: image: nginx restart: always ports: - 8180:80 depends_on: - app ... --o:ssl.enable=false --o:ssl.termination=true ports: - 9980:9980 networks: - proxy n
Docker Host @docker_notes
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to date find an i5-1335U motherboard with 4+ SATA ports and PCIE expansion slot, most are laptop boards, ... net dhcp auto br0 iface br0 inet static bridge_ports enp1s0 address gateway 192.168
dokuwiki setup notes @home_server
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]. Basically: *The ipv4 address for specific ports need to have nat(network address translation) set... =dokuwiki VM apache2 setup==== The ''/etc/apache2/ports.conf'' is the standard configuration allowing all
KPTree Torrent VM Setup @home_server
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udp \** -p IP:host_port:container_port. The Kodi ports are described below, with source references. Unless the host machine is already using these ports there is no need to remap them. I found the IP in
Linux Router Background @linux_router
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TP-Link VDSL modem router with 4 100Mbps ethernet ports and 2 VoIP port. One ethernet port was set up as ... outer was a N3700 router with 4 1000Mbps ethernet ports running Linux Debian. -The speed tester was run
Docker-Compose @docker_notes
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Docker - DHCP Server @docker_notes
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Docker - DNS Server @docker_notes
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Dokuwiki @docker_notes
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Reverse Proxy Server @docker_notes
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Docker nginx / php notes @docker_notes
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turn server @docker_notes
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Web Server setup @home_server
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DHCP / DNS Setup @linux_router
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Router Hardware @linux_router
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IPTables Configuration @linux_router
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Home Sprinkler Setup Notes @personal
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Rsync @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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