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KPTree Torrent VM Setup @home_server
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to check the units on on the machine. Use ''sudo systemctl list-units'' and look for the relevant ''.mount''...|How To Use Systemctl to Manage Systemd Services and Units]] * [[htt... o privatvpn'' to run. The setup script creates a systemctl profile: openvpn@privatvpn.service. So the stand
Router Miscellaneous @linux_router
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After modifying a systemd file update systemd: ''systemctl daemon-reload'' The glances output can then be s... disable/start/stop, nprobe and ntopng: * ''sudo systemctl stop ntopng'' | to stop (or start) * ''sudo systemctl disable ntopng'' | to disable (or enable) starting on computer startup * ''sudo systemctl stop nprobe'' | to stop (or start) * ''sudo sys
Debian / Ubuntu Network Setup @linux_router
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was up."\\ To create and edit the service: ''sudo systemctl edit --force --full ipv6_start.service'', ''man systemctl'' and search for ++++ipv6_start.service| <code> [... to enable the command to run at start-up: ''sudo systemctl enable ipv6_start.service''. *This also needs t... ed after each time netplan apply is used: ''sudo systemctl start ipv6_start.service''. =====Router Configura
BASH Customisation @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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cers='cscli bouncers list' alias csfbstatus='sudo systemctl status crowdsec-firewall-bouncer.service' alias csfbstart='sudo systemctl start crowdsec-firewall-bouncer.service' alias csfbstop='sudo systemctl stop crowdsec-firewall-bouncer.service' alias csfbrestart='sudo systemctl restart crowdsec-firewall-bouncer.service' alias
Web Server setup @home_server
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t apache2 to enable configuration changes: ''sudo systemctl reload apache2'' or ''sudo systemctl restart apache2'' *Test the web page by typing in the local ip add... hanges are made reload or restart apache2: ''sudo systemctl reload apache2'' or ''sudo systemctl restart apache2'' To further add to confusion it would seem some Linux
KPTree - Email Server Setup @home_server
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mes * To apply configuration changes ''sudo systemctl restart'' * Mounting the nf... n not changed as directed, as on systemd use sudo systemctl enable spamassassin.service instead. CRON=0 chang... *To find clamav related running daemons ''sudo systemctl list-units -all | grep clam'' *Stop the daemons ''sudo systemctl stop clamav-daemon'' and any other found daemons
DHCP / DNS Setup @linux_router
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9" is the DNS software is known as isc_bind9, and systemctl in some Linux refers to the service as bind9.serv... ted up before updating the the DNS service, "sudo systemctl restart bind9". A common technique is to use the ... HCP update. Solution is to: *Stop bind9 (''sudo systemctl stop bind9'') *Delete the problem zone file end... les: (/var/lib/bind/) *Then start bind9 (''sudo systemctl start bind9'') Before performing a manual update
ISP PPPoE Network Setup @linux_router
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are for the moment and configure later. *''sudo systemctl disable bind9'' *''sudo systemctl stop bind9'' *''sudo systemctl status bind9'' *''sudo systemctl disable isc-dhcp-server'' *''sudo systemctl stop isc-dhcp-server'' *'
NUT (Network UPS Tools) Setup @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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'sudo update-rc.d nut-server disable'' and ''sudo systemctl disable ups-monitor.service''. You may also need...|How To Use Systemctl to Manage Systemd Services and Units]], and [[http... t". Unfortunately when this script is run, "sudo systemctl start nut-driver.service" it reports failure as i
Docker-Compose @docker_notes
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he systemd unit name for the drive mount using: ''systemctl list-units --type=mount'', in my particular case ... Updated the systemd service for Docker - use systemctl status docker to find the service file, in my cas... edit the service file, but rather use the ''sudo systemctl edit docker.service'' to create a drop in replace... ter this reboot to test. (Yes you can use ''sudo systemctl daemon-reload'', however I wanted to test boot pe
Calibre Server @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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sed my normal user and group values.\\ Run ''sudo systemctl daemon-reload'' to configure the new systemd service. After this the usual systemctl commands on the new service can be used, e.g.: * ''sudo systemctl enable calibre-server'' * ''sudo systemctl start calibre-server'' Since I got Wireguard running to allow
IPMI Console Setup @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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d one for systemd...) The key command is ''sudo systemctl enable serial-getty@ttyS1.service''. This will s... is service can be immediately started with ''sudo systemctl start serial-getty@ttyS1.service''. The Ubuntu D... o '-p -- \\u' 115200 %I $TERM </code> Then ''sudo systemctl daemon-reload'' followed by ''sudo systemctl restart serial-getty@ttyS1.service'' ====BMC IPMI SOL Client S
systemd Stuff @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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{{tag>systemd systemctl timer timers journalctl linux debian setup customise customisation}} ======systemd St...|How To Use Systemctl to Manage Systemd Services and Units]] * [[htt... es are available from previous boots.\\ \\ ''sudo systemctl force-reload systemd-journald'' to reload journal
NFTables Configuration @linux_router
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figuration file at /etc/nftables.conf. Use ''sudo systemctl status/start/stop/reload/enable/disable nftables'... ns ''/usr/sbin/nft flush ruleset'' The command ''systemctl show -p FragmentPath nftables'' shows where the systemctl script is located; /lib/systemd/system/
Commonly used commands and scripts @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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ate install remove crontab man apropos tldr ip tc systemctl journalctl}} ======Commonly used commands and scr... ages between grub and os up. =====systemd===== *Systemctl related commands: *Systemd common commands (... *List current Systemd operating units: ''sudo systemctl list-units | grep %%'*'%%''. Change or remove the
Docker @docker_notes
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Network Setup @home_server:home_server_setup
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Fail2Ban @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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NFS @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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Docker mailserver @docker_notes
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ISP IPoE DHCP Setup Notes @linux_router
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NFTables IP Control @linux_router
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Rsync @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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samba @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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SSH Notes @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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Webmin @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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