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VIM Customisation @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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all changes), and keep working | | :ZZ | write current file, if modified, and exit. | | :1,10 w outfil... re cursor. | | I | Insert to the start of the current line. | | a | Append after cursor. | | A | Append to the end of the current line. | | o | Open a new line below and inser... ve and insert. | | C | Change the rest of the current line. | | r | Overwrite one character. After
Web Server setup @home_server
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ed. *Use the command ''hostnamectl'' to check current Hostname *To change the Hosename: ''sudo host... functionality. ====Apache2 Setup==== *Copy the current html files to the proposed new location: ''sudo r... opments that require even larger keys or make the current system otherwise ineffective. The following is a... this there is no direct support for LetsEncrpyt's current version of installation software on Ubuntu 18.04,
KPTree Torrent VM Setup @home_server
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disable, etc. Similarly to get a better look at current log status: ''journalctl -u openvpn@privatvpn.ser... * ''wget -qO -'' to check my current external ip address. * Unfortunately PrivatVPN ... to ensure operation. BTGuard seems to show there current IP addresses at their Knowledgebase [[https://btg... penvpn@privatvpn.service -b 0 -xe'' *__To check current external IP address: ''%%wget
KPTree - Email Server Setup @home_server
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nt and effort to setup reliably and maintain. My current email server is based upon [[https://workaround.o... ng in later 2020 on Debian 10 (Buster). The most current is [[|ISP... ''sudo vim /etc/default/nfs-common''. However the current base options meet our needs and do not need to be... 00>**These setup notes are not compatible with my current email setup.**</fc>\\ ++++ My Email Server Histo
NFTables IP Control @linux_router
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efine wan_ip4 = # Clean out the current ruleset flush ruleset table inet firewall { ... set inet firewall controllist'' : will list the current elements in named set controllist *''sudo nft ... set inet firewall controllist'' : will flush the current named set controllist *''sudo vim /etc/nftables.conf'' : to edit the current NFTables configuration *''sudo systemctl resta
NUT (Network UPS Tools) Setup @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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er.version.internal: 0.06 #Fix value input.current.nominal: 4.0 #nominal/design value inpu... #nominal/set value outlet.0.switchable: no output.current: 0.9 output.current.nominal: 4 #nominal/design value output.frequency: 50.0 ver on UPS low battery. **It would seem that the current NUT package for Ubuntu 18.04 has been correctly c
Router Miscellaneous @linux_router
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'wget -qO -'' *To check the current network hardware configuration ''ip a'' *System... atus ''sudo systemctl status networking'' *List current Systemd operating units: ''sudo systemctl list-un... tl -b'' shows all journal entries collected since current boot *''journalctl --list-boots'' lists reco... mputer Networks [[|Contents]], [[http://intronetwork
fsck - file system check @home_server:home_server_setup
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====Some other file system tips:==== *To check current mounted disks use ''df -h'' *To check current disks use ''sudo fdisk -l''. (This is a disk partition command. Be careful with use.) *To check current disks use ''sudo parted -l''. (This is a disk par... tune2fs -l /dev/sda2’’. The ‘’df’’ command lists current mounted disks. ---- <- home_server:home_server
Conky @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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${color0}CPU Speed: ${tab 50}$color${freq 0} MHz Current / ${execi 99999 grep 'model name' /proc/cpuinfo |... -l} Cores ${color0}CPU Speed: $color${freq 0} MHz Current / ${execi 99999 grep 'model name' /proc/cpuinfo |... ${color0}CPU Speed: ${tab 50}$color${freq 0} MHz Current / ${execi 99999 grep 'model name' /proc/cpuinfo |... -l} Cores ${color0}CPU Speed: $color${freq 0} MHz Current / ${execi 99999 grep 'model name' /proc/cpuinfo |
Commonly used commands and scripts @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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s) (enable / disable for boot control) *List current Systemd operating units: ''sudo systemctl list-un... command will be run when either field matches the current time. For example, "30 4 1,15 * 5" would cause a... lename*'%%'' this will search for 'filename*' in current directory * ''%%find /mnt/disk1 -name findme*%%
Router Hardware @linux_router
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mall ARM based machine, e.g. Raspberry Pi 3. (The current RPi looks much more capable.) However these machi... o update-grub' to make the modified grub file the current boot one. An on-line reference [[https://help.ubu
boot tools @tech_notes
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anjaro: ''sudo pacman -S efibootmgr'' ===Display Current Setting=== Simply ''efibootmgr'' or ''sudo efiboo... owing command to adjust: ''sudo efibootmgr -o''\\ Current: ''BootOrder: 0003,000A,0002,000B,0001,0006,0007,
systemd Stuff @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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flag and inputs: *''sudo journalctl -b'' to see current boot journal only use ''-b -1'' to see last boot ... =====systemd timers==== ''timedatectl'' to print current time date on cli\\ ''Date'' to print basic time
SSH Notes @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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Min Frequency: {cpufreq.min:.2f}Mhz") print(f"Current Frequency: {cpufreq.current:.2f}Mhz") # CPU usage print("CPU Usage Per Core:") for i, percenta
IPMI CLI Tools @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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itool -h'' * Chassis power commands: * List current power status: ''ipmitool -I lanplus -H 192.168.1.... 42 -U baumkp chassis policy list'' * List all current chassis info: ''ipmitool -I lanplus -H 192.168.1.
NFS @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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SWAP Files @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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samba @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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KPTree - MSWindows Setup @home_server
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VNC Server @home_server:home_server_setup
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KVM Setup @home_server:home_server_setup
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NFTables Configuration @linux_router
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