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BASH Customisation @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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{{tag> linux bash alias tar .bash_aliases configure configuration bashrc command script .bashrc history sudo visudo dimme... randr tar archive "default editor" editor}} ======BASH Customisation====== The standard BASH colour configuration uses a blue colour for listing directories (
Back-up Server Old Setup @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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to be unmounted ++++Possible mount script| <code bash> #!/bin/bash #input 1 is the proposed mount point if [ -z "$1" ] then exit 11 #no mount point in... ode> ++++ Created script to mount backup1 ''sudo bash ~/Myscripts/'' to run ++++''sudo vim ~/Myscripts/''| <code bash> #!/bin/bash #Script to mount NFS remote Disk1 to
Rsync @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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ude=.Trash* >tmp.txt'' ++++ ====My web page copy bash batch==== ''sudo vim Myscripts/'' or to run ''sudo bash Myscripts/'' #Note this is a loca... additional batch inputs when run! ++++code| <code bash> #!/bin/bash wwwpath='/home/shared/www/html' workpath='/home/shared/' cmd="rsync -ptogu
Docker @docker_notes
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start. The community addition command is: <code bash> docker volume create portainer_data docker run -... mand in a container| |''docker exec -it CONTAINER bash'' | Run bash shell in a container as default user, usually root| |''%%docker exec -it --user www-data CONTAINER bash%%'' | Run bash shell in a container as defined us
Reverse Proxy Server @docker_notes
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er network create proxy'' =====Traefik===== <code bash [enable_line_numbers="true"]> cd /home/docker_sto... ik|here]].\\ ====create docker network==== <code bash [enable_line_numbers="true"]>docker network create proxy</code> <code bash [enable_line_numbers="true"]>touch docker-compose... d install Basic Authentication Password==== <code bash [enable_line_numbers="true"]>sudo apt update sudo
IPMI CLI Tools @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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literally just has the password in it. =====IPMI BASH Scripts===== ====IPMI Start Script==== This scrip... cript stand alone to start the remote computer: ''bash Myscripts/ ; echo $?'' (the '... pical Unix, a 0 return indicates success.) <code bash> #!/bin/bash BMC_IP="" User_Name="baumkp" PW_file_location="/etc/ipmitool" LAN_IP="192.168
VNC Server @home_server:home_server_setup
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Also in ~/.vnc/xstartup, only: <code> #!/bin/bash unset SESSION_MANAGER startxfce4 & </code... default shell seems to be sh (/bin/sh), I prefer bash (/bin/bash). To check the current shell, type: ''echo $SHELL''. To use bash simply type ''bash''. To make permanent add the l
NUT (Network UPS Tools) Setup @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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s ''sudo Myscripts/ 2>/dev/null'',<code bash>#!/bin/bash # Logging output for NUT UPS Monitor output strf='/var/log/UPSLog.Log' str0='/bin/upsc KPB... use with cron monthly to rotate a log file. <code bash> #!/bin/bash logfile=$1 if [ ! -f $logfile ]; then echo "log file not found $logfile" exit 1 fi tim
NFTables IP Control @linux_router
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entries since the last boot I made a couple of bash scripts to assist with the use of these controlli... erval option.)| <code> #!/bin/bash if [ -z "$1" ] then timeout1=' timeout 5h' el... ontrol list.| <code> #!/bin/bash nft flush set inet firewall controllist </code> +... ntab'' is finicky! crontab does not necessary use BASH and the full path to the command must be given fo
Docker Deluge Image / Service @docker_notes
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to be reset! so now trying ++macvlan option|<code bash> docker network create -d macvlan \ --subne... * Need to manually create ++/dev/net/tun|<code bash> #!/bin/sh mkdir -p /dev/net mknod /dev/net/tun ... static ip address can be assigned when run. <code bash> docker network create -d macvlan \ --subne
Docker mailserver @docker_notes
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o mariadb image *''docker exec -it mail_db /bin/bash'' *See [[ ===s6 setup=== The s6 rc run file: ++++run|<code bash>#!/command/execlineb -P fdmove -c 2 1 /usr/sbin/p... certificates/|Export Traefik Certificates]] using bash script with ''jq'' program *Docker documentatio
Debian / Ubuntu Network Setup @linux_router
3 Hits, Last modified: [Service] Type=oneshot ExecStart=:/bin/bash -c "ip r del 2001:470:1f2c:10d::/64 dev he-ipv6" ... /etc/network/interfaces </code> ++++ Use ''sudo bash'' to move to non router configurat... /etc/network/interfaces </code> ++++ Use ''sudo bash'' to move to non router configuratio
VIM Editor @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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. =====VIM Customisation===== ++++~/.vimrc| <code bash>colorscheme desert set nocompatible syntax on set... t/|CodeMirror]] *[[|Working Productively in Bash's Vi Command Line Editing Mode (with Cheat Sheet)
Docker-Compose @docker_notes
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ange the version sub-directory as required. <code bash> sudo curl -L " pose]]) Example: Defines web_data volume: <code bash> docker volume create --driver local \ --opt
Nextcloud Container @docker_notes
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easier to use ''www-data'' *Confirm shell type, bash is more comprehensive, whereas sh or ash are bett... ally log into shell using "sh" or ash" shells as "Bash" shell is not setup in the Alpine Nextcloud image
KPTree Torrent VM Setup @home_server
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Web Server setup @home_server
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Router Miscellaneous @linux_router
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Shell Builtin Commands @tech_notes
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SSH Notes @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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Dokuwiki @docker_notes
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Docker Host @docker_notes
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dokuwiki setup notes @home_server
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Formatting Syntax @wiki
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Conky @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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logrotate @home_server:home_server_setup:other_services
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